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The following outlines the precautions taken by IML to protect itself, staff and clients during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, particularly whilst access to our office premises are restricted.

IML understands the importance and benefits of providing resilient services to our clients. We have designed our infrastructure to minimise the impact of losing access to our premises in the event of situations out with our control. Our technology and teams are built around modern robust services that are highly resilient and secure.


We have established business continuity and incident management procedures and protocols to prepare, respond, and recover from different types of operational threats.


We believe our business continuity plans safeguard our colleagues and minimise the level of potential service interruption to our clients and business operations and allow for effective recovery from these events.


A fundamental component of our business continuity efforts is around major incident planning, which includes pandemics. We believe that a continuous sequence of information sharing helps prevent, suppress, and recover from infectious diseases and viruses that may affect our colleagues and our clients.


During the current coronavirus pandemic, IML has maintained full functionality and business continuity, and it continues to review its operations to ensure maximum efficiencies, to protect itself, its staff and its clients.

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