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IML is committed to protecting the environment and making a positive social impact for our people and for the communities in which we operate.


IML is committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution, managing climate related risk and achieving net zero status by 2023.

Robust environmental management practice is an ethical and commercial imperative. Our commitment to tackling climate change at a corporate level is fundamental to our strategic objectives.


Preventing pollution and managing our carbon footprint goes hand in hand with the strategic necessity to operate ethically and efficiently.

We will fully understand and meet our compliance obligations whilst working to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment.



IML is committed to making a positive social impact for our people and for the communities in which we operate. 

Our people make up our business. Intellectual capital is core to our clients, our business model and our long-term sustainability as a business. We aim to foster an environment that values and nurtures unique talents and contributions from every individual within a culture of inclusivity. 

Our focus is to deepen relationships with our key stakeholders by investing in our employees and partnering with our clients, communities, investors and suppliers. We aim to contribute positively to the communities in which we operate through targeted programmes.

We will preserve and promote the protection of human rights, health, safety and welfare within our own business activities, as well as those of our supply chain, in accordance with our policies and procedures




IML will ensure a robust sustainability governance framework is in place.

Good governance is foundational to both our business and all aspects of sustainability. We cannot thrive without paying attention to our compliance obligations. Our business seeks to go beyond the concept of ‘box-ticking’ and embed compliance into the heart of our business.

Our focus is to promote strong oversight, transparency and risk management at all levels of our organisation, ensuring resilience and long-term preservation of value for our business.

We will mitigate risk exposure and build the resilience of our business to climate change.

We establish clear and effective governance for sustainability, set goals and establish accountability. This is set through our sustainability committee and reported to our board.



Clients are at the heart of our business and without these partnerships our business would not exist. Part of that commitment to clients is about understanding and responding to their needs and feedback to deliver the best service.

Sustainability priorities are drawn not only from investor concerns but customer needs. We aim to become the provider of choice with clients seeing us as partners in their own enterprise, a company they are proud to work with and recommend.


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