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Lifecycle Management

Experienced Lifecycle Management Services for Optimal Asset Performance

Our dedicated and experience Lifecycle Team offers extensive support to ensure the effective management and optimisation of your assets through our key services. We focus on protecting and enhancing shareholder value through meticulous planning, strategic oversight, and proactive management of asset lifecycles.


Our approach to Lifecycle Management includes:


  • Lifecycle Planning and Condition Surveys: Conducting thorough assessments to plan and forecast asset needs.

  • Strategic Management: Providing strategic oversight to ensure assets are managed efficiently and effectively.

  • Asset Replacement Strategies: Developing and implementing strategies for timely and cost-effective asset replacement.

  • Obsolescence Management: Managing the risks associated with obsolete assets and ensuring seamless transitions.

  • Facilities Management Advisory: Offering expert advice to maintain optimal performance of facilities.


IML’s methodology focuses on ensuring necessary and efficient lifecycle expenditures, maximising asset longevity, and providing expert advisory to maintain optimal facilities performance.


Our services include:


  • Detailed Understanding of Contractual Obligations: Ensuring all lifecycle activities comply with contractual requirements and obligations.

  • Preparation and Management of Lifecycle Forecasts: Creating and managing both short-term and long-term lifecycle forecasts to plan for future needs.

  • Scrutiny of Expenditures: Carefully examining all planned and reactive expenditures to ensure necessity and efficiency.

  • Monitoring of Lifecycle Expenditures: Categorising and tracking all expenditures in line with industry standards to ensure transparency and accountability.

  • Reporting and Analysis: Providing detailed reports on project performance, analysing expenditure trends, and identifying opportunities for value enhancement.

Future Proof

"Optimise every phase of your project - engage with lifecycle expertise!"

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