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Energy & ESG Advisory Services

Creative Energy Consultancy Services for Sustainable Solutions

IML's Energy and ESG Consultancy specialises in supporting renewable energy, carbon reduction initiatives, and the broader net-zero agenda for public and private sector clients. Our focus is on delivering sustainable solutions that help reduce costs, energy consumption, and carbon emissions across various projects and initiatives.


Our consultancy services encompass:

  • Net-Zero Advisory: Providing guidance and support to achieve net-zero emissions goals through strategic planning and implementation. 

  • Energy Efficiency Strategies: Developing and implementing strategies to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and lower carbon footprint. 

  • Renewable Energy Solutions: Advising on and implementing renewable energy solutions to transition towards sustainable energy sources.

  • PFI Project Support: Assisting with existing Private Finance Initiative (PFI) projects to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability outcomes.

  • Future Public/Private Initiatives: Supporting future initiatives with comprehensive energy consultancy to integrate sustainable practices from the outset.


IML's Energy Consultancy team collaborates closely with clients to tailor solutions that align with environmental goals, regulatory requirements, and financial objectives. We leverage our expertise to optimise energy performance, reduce environmental impact, and achieve long-term sustainability.


Trust IML to deliver expert consultancy services that drive sustainable energy solutions, support carbon reduction efforts, and enhance overall environmental stewardship for public and private sector clients alike.

Future Ready

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