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In 2007 the Ministry of Defence entered into a £1bn Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contract with SD Marine Services Limited for the provision of marine services for the next 15 years.

The contract covers an extensive range of services both in and out of port; 

In port activities take place at the Royal Navy’s major bases in Portsmouth, Devonport and on the Clyde, and include tugs for ship movements, ferry operations, loading of dry and liquid stores including fuel and ammunition, and the removal of waste.

Out of Port activities include the provision of worldwide support to military training and trials and the provision of moorings and navigation marks around the UK, Gibraltar, and Cyprus.

SDMS owns nearly 100 vessels to perform these tasks and have replaced over 30 vessels to ensure the provision of a flexible and responsive marine service capable of handling current and future warships and submarines.

IML provides a fully managed service to a unique PFI contract. The project demands flexibility and value for money which are delivered through developing and maintaining excellent working relationships between all stakeholders.


  • 350 moorings / navigation marks in UK, Cyprus and Gibraltar

  • 96 vessels available 365 days per year

  • Longest vessel, SD Northern River - 96m

  • Most Powerful Tug, SD Tempest - 7000hp and 80 tonne bollard pull.

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