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Argyll and Bute Council’s NPDO model was the first of its kind in Scotland. It is a variant of PFI/PPP, which captures the benefits of traditional project, but has the potential to offer greater value for money to the Council. The NPDO is structured so that any surplus is made available to a charity nominated by the Council instead of being paid out to shareholders.


This project consists of the construction of ten new schools on five sites to replace the existing nine sites. The project includes the following facilities:


  • £87M Capital cost

  • GIFA 51,000m2

  • Service Commencement - Dec '06

  • Dunoon Grammar School: a 1,000 pupil secondary school;

  • Rothesay Joint Campus: a joint secondary and primary school;

  • Lochgilphead Joint Campus: a joint secondary, primary and SEN school;

  • Oban Joint Primary Schools: a new campus which brings together St Columbus Catholic Primary;

  • Rockfield (non-denominational) Primary and Drummore SEN school; and

  • Hermitage Academy, a 1,700 pupil secondary school.

IML provides a fully managed service to one of the most geographically diverse schools portfolio in the UK which includes both mainland and island communities. The harsh operating environment poses significant strains on both the facilities and the operator but through key relationship management the project operates on a true partnership approach.

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