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Insurance Services

Insurance Management Services for Real Estate and Infrastructure Projects

Our Insurance Team has over 18 years of experience providing insurance management and administration services for large real estate and infrastructure projects, offering both stand-alone and portfolio arrangements. IML’s focus is on ensuring premiums are reflective of contractual and statutory compliance for clients while identifying opportunities to enhance value through a deep understanding of both commercial aspects and operational requirements.


We provide comprehensive services to ensure optimal insurance management for your projects, including:


  • Portfolio Management: Ensuring effective insurance management across a portfolio of projects to maximise efficiency and value.

  • Broker Management: Managing relationships with brokers to secure the best terms and conditions for your insurance needs.


Our approach to insurance management is built upon:


  • Dedicated Team: A proven track record in managing operational insurances at both project and portfolio levels.

  • Commercial Knowledge: Expertise in the application of project insurances, ensuring compliance with associated documentation.

  • Industry Relationships: Strong relationships with key insurers and brokers across the market, facilitating effective insurance management.

  • Proactive Risk Management: A proactive approach to managing risk, ensuring that potential issues are identified and addressed promptly.

  • Valuation Management: Expertise in managing valuation processes to ensure accurate and timely assessments.

  • Value Realisation: Support in identifying and realising value through strategic insurance management.

  • Joint Insurance Cost Reporting (JICR): Experience and understanding of JICR to provide accurate and compliant reporting.

  • Premium Benchmarking: Benchmarking of premiums by asset type and location to ensure competitive and fair pricing.

  • Claims Trend Analysis: Trend analysis of claims raised to identify and mitigate risk effectively.

  • Project Insurance Change (PIC): Understanding and application of PIC to adapt to changing project insurance needs.

Protecting our Assets

"Security for stakeholders, portfolios and facilities - call our Insurance Team!"

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