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Investments Management

Investment Management Services for Maximising Shareholder Value

Our Investment Management team, led by experienced Investment Directors, is dedicated to acting as non-executive Directors on SPV Boards to represent the interests of shareholders. We ensure that public and private sector infrastructure investments are managed effectively to achieve optimal outcomes for all parties.


Our approach to investment management includes:

  • Identifying Risk and Value Issues: Proactively identifying and addressing risk and associated value issues to ensure the timely distribution of target yield.

  • Value Enhancement and Protection Plans: Formulating strategic plans to enhance and protect value, ensuring the sustainability and growth of investments.

  • Achieving Fund Portfolio Objectives: Working diligently to ensure that all fund portfolio objectives are met, aligning with the long-term goals of investors.

  • Investor Reporting: Providing comprehensive reports to investors on all aspects of contractual delivery, ensuring transparency and accountability.

  • Management of Contractual Disputes: Effectively managing and resolving contractual disputes to protect the interests of stakeholders and maintain project stability.


IML’s Investment Directors collaborate with all stakeholders to safeguard and enhance the value of infrastructure investments. 


Our dedicated team ensures meticulous oversight, strategic planning, and proactive management to achieve optimal investment outcomes.

Protect Stakeholders

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