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The A1M motorway through Yorkshire forms part of a strategic link in the national network between Scotland, the northeast and the south of England. 

It comprises of the operation and maintenance of 33 miles (53km) of the A1M motorway between Darrington (just to the south of the M62 Interchange at Ferrybridge) and Dishforth (the A168 Interchange east of Ripon), together with the design and construction of two improvement schemes.


These provided 15 miles (24km) of new dual 3 lane motorway and a full upgrade of the motorway signing through the road. The two improvment schemes are the A1M Ferrybridge to Hook Moor scheme and the A1M Wetherby to Walshford scheme.



  • The contract was awarded to Road Management Services (Darrington) Ltd (known as RMS) in February 2003.  RMS raised the necessary finance for the project to design and construct the highway improvements and operate and maintain this length of the A1M over the 33 year contract period. The works to the 2 improvement schemes were fully completed in November 2006.

In July 2009, the Highways England ECI Scheme for the Bramham to Wetherby Upgrade was completed such that all the Project Road is now to dual 3 lane motorway standard.


Highways England pays RMS by way of a payment arrangement that encourages RMS to operate this length of the A1M keeping congestion to a minimum and achieving the highest standards of safety.


  • Construction cost: £245m

  • Completion Date: January 2006

  • Financial Close: 2001

  • Term of Project: 33 years

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